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Mindset Management


This highly interactive workshop helps your team recognize the power of mindset. They will discover ways to engage daily challenges and obstacles as opportunities to redesign processes and improve products, profits, or the experiences of employees or customers. We focus on empowering team members with "can do" and action-oriented mindsets that drive the pace of innovation and improve organizational culture.


By the end of this workshop, your team will be inspired to work collaboratively and discover new ways to innovate. You can use this transformation of mindset and perspective as a solid foundation for improving your business, or you can make this workshop a preliminary step before taking advantage of our Discovery Day service or  Coaching Consultation service.

Discovery Day


Our Discovery Day service involves our staff visiting your site and having conversations that surface key insights into your business operations and organizational health.  These insights allow us to provide suggestions for where you are likely to gain competitive advantages through the application of design thinking, lean startup principles, and process management technologies within your business.

Conducting a Discovery Day simply requires you to inform your team that members of Why Minded will be circulating throughout the day to learn everything they can about the daily operations of your business.  When we conclude our visit, we will provide a summary presentation and report that includes details about what seems to be working well, what might be improved, and specific strategies to capitalize on these insights.



Have you ever wondered what you could accomplish in your organization if you could just put the world on pause for a few days and engage with your entire team to really focus on refining or redesigning your processes?  Have you considered the potential benefits of investing that time and energy?  Why settle for just imagining the benefits when you can realize them through our Innovative Design Empowerment and Acceleration Sprint (IDEAS) events?

Two of our coaches will help your team work through the exercise of identifying process improvement opportunities and developing actions plans that include the necessary commitments from the entire team. These events can be conducted over two to three days, and we have creative solutions for businesses that cannot put their businesses on pause during the week.

Customer Insights Interviews


How could you benefit if you knew exactly what your customers are thinking from first contact through any follow-up services or support you might provide?  How could this information impact your strategic thinking, processes, and products or services?


Our Customer Insights Interviews are a perfect way for you to learn valuable information about your customers that will empower you to leverage what they love, as well as redesign the customer experience you offer to address their pain points or frustrations.


Most companies don't make time to take a deep dive into customer perceptions, needs, and wants.  Having a third party manage this task helps you achieve more honest and candid insights from an unbiased perspective without having to commit time from your team members.

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