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What could your organization accomplish if every member of your team was fully engaged, communicating effectively, and helping identify opportunities for improving processes, products, and services?

How would engaging your team in this culture impact your organization's ability to attract and keep top talent, maintain a competitive advantage, improve efficiency, increase customer loyalty, and develop innovative products and services?  What opportunities have been hidden in plain sight for weeks, months, or years?

More importantly, why sit around wondering when you can take action and discover insights now that can benefit your organization today and in the future? The most common answers include "time constraints" and "uncertainty" about whether the return on investment will materialize.


Well, time will always be a constraint, which means we are really talking about priorities. Uncertainty can be reduced by having a sound plan and coaches who have created success for others across diverse scenarios.


We use a combination of empathy, transparency, and deep inquiry to engage the best thinking of your team and surface opportunities for improvement. Our practical experience across industries and use of design thinking allow us to develop practical solutions that generate commitment from your team.

If you are looking for a team that is going to submit a complex proposal filled with high-dollar industry buzz words and extensive projections and analyses, then we'll fall short of your expectations. We summarize the key points of our discovery sessions and work collaboratively and organically with you to develop a plan of action that makes sense for your team and specific situation.


We will draw out insights that exist within your organization or nurture the thinking that will help your team develop those powerful insights through an environment of trust, exploration, and sharing. We known insights developed from your team will be more practical and more likely to succeed because of the buy-in from members across your organization.


Our process begins with conversations to explore your current situation and what you are trying to accomplish. The focus areas include current operations, future goals, as well as any perceived obstacles and resources.


Next, we conduct site visits at times your team is expecting to have honest conversations about all aspects of the organization. The focus is on gathering perceptions and insights from a wide variety of team members carrying out the daily work of the organization.

We summarize and present our findings, including our discoveries and suggestions for next steps.  You can leverage this information independently to move forward, or we can discuss how Why Minded can help you develop and execute a comprehensive plan of action.  

Our typical action plan includes increasing trust, encouraging discourse, securing commitments from team members, providing effective feedback loops, and leveraging technologies to automate processes and improve efficiency. Key milestones and performance indicators help you to monitor, adjust, and evaluate your implementation.

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