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What could your organization accomplish if every member of your team was fully engaged, communicating effectively, and helping identify opportunities for improving processes, products, and services?

How would engaging your team in this culture impact your organization's ability to attract and keep top talent, maintain a competitive advantage, improve efficiency, increase customer loyalty, and develop innovative products and services?  What opportunities have been hidden in plain sight for weeks, months, or years?

More importantly, why sit around wondering when you can take action and discover insights now that can benefit your organization today and in the future? The most common answers include "time constraints" and "uncertainty" about whether the return on investment will materialize.


Well, time will always be a constraint, which means we are really talking about priorities. Uncertainty can be reduced by having a sound plan and coaches who have created success for others across diverse scenarios.


We use a combination of empathy, transparency, and deep inquiry to engage the best thinking of your team to surface opportunities for improvement. Our practical experience across industries and use of design thinking allow us to develop practical solutions that generate full engagement and commitment from your team.

We provide concise summaries of our discovery sessions and work collaboratively with you to develop a plan of action that makes sense to meet your strategic objectives, specific operational logistics, and organizational culture while aligning with current workflows. Then, we use Salesforce to deliver on the solutions we've articulated based on its ability to be customized, powerful automations, and ability to integrate with other platforms.

You will receive a visual representation of your optimized standard operating procedure (SOP) in a format that is intuitive and useful to your team. In addition, you'll have a set of dashboards that provide at-a-glance insights that draw early attention to emerging problems, reduce unnecessary communications, highlight time-sensitive opportunities, and ultimately drive productivity and profits. Finally, you'll have a set of training materials and a feedback mechanism for your users to ensure they are fully leveraging the enhancements made to your Salesforce investment.

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